Yes, Flex has AS3 versions of all of the components that Flash 8 had and
then some.  That is the point.

The message is pretty clear:  If you want a comprehensive, state of the art
component set use Flex.

You can preview the full set of Flex UI components here:

The decision to not rev all Flash 8 components up to AS3 was a conscious
business decision.  In retrospect maybe not a good business decision, but
certainly a conscious business decision.


P.S.  Remember, the Flex framework is far more "heavy" than the Flash CS3
AS3 component framework.

P.P.S.  I regret that Adobe has consciously chosen not to fully support AS3
application development in both Flash and Flex.  As much as Flex supports an
authoring style better suited for some developers than the Flash IDE, the
Flex IDE will not suit some developers for whom the Flash IDE is good.  By
not providing a comprehensive, updated component set in-product with Flash
CS3 Adobe is alienating some of the most talented and capable Flash
developers who have been vital to their success in the first place.

P.P.P.S.  In addition to, the other half of the team that
created the Flash CS3 AS3 components was  I have to say, I
personally find it disconcerting that the first entry listed by the
Silverlight product manager touting the Silverlight release is a Silverlight
application built by  Microsoft video of's "Top
Banana" video editor sample application here:
Silverlight product manager page which was source for the link above is
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