It's a Windows restriction, which can be manually changed in the registry (or 
with some 3rd party tools).
Mine is set to 20 or something ;-)

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If I remember well the MovieClip loader can only load 2 images
simultaniously. This also might be a browser restriction.

Greetz Erik

On 2/12/08, Muzak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Get rid of the nested function, avoid it at all times (IMO).

var img_mcl:MovieClipLoader;

function onLoadInit(t:MovieClip) {
function loadImage(imagePath, targetMc) {
var container_mc:MovieClip = targetMc.img_mc;
var loading_mc:MovieClip = targetMc.loading_mc;
img_mcl = new MovieClipLoader();

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