is there a good way of queueing the loading in flash?

my first guess would be to run some kind of while/for loop using movieClipLoader.onLoadInit to recursively call the function to load the next clip from an array but i don't know if that's a hack

On 13 Feb 2008, at 11:28, Muzak wrote:

Never said I would ask users to change anything, just said that *I* have changed it, cos 2 simultaneous up/downloads doesn't cut it for me. However, it's something to be aware of when loading multiple external assets into a Flash application, they'll be queued.

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changing it on its own computer would not be of my taste,
since I am developing for users that has windows installed
at its default settings.

/ m

2008/2/13, Muzak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

It's a Windows restriction, which can be manually changed in the registry
(or with some 3rd party tools).
Mine is set to 20 or something ;-)

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