Hi All
I am developing a video Gallery in AS 3.0.

   -  I am providing thumbnails and XML is loading external FLvs in those
   thumbnails .
   -  The user can either double click or click and drag thumbnail to
   play the main video above the particular line.
   - I am calling external SWFs in the UIloader component for playing the
   main video. That UIloader will be called when the user either double clicks
   on thumbnail or click and drag the thumbnail.
   - Also user can drag the main video wherever he wants, and he can drop
   the main  back to the thumbnails too( which will unload the video player).

My problem is that everything is working fine when i run the FLA file, but
when i closed my application and try to run the individual SWF file, the
file does not work ( its just crashing).
There are no frames I am using so that's for sure that i did not forget to
put stop frame.
All of my code is in the main time line and I haven't used any custom
classes yet, which means everything is in the actions window.
Am i using the right tool for such a big application? Should I switch to
FLEX for compiling this file. i am not that familiar with FLEX working
environment too.
Please help me out what i am doing wrong and i apologize that I could not
mail you the code because the file is very very big. Also if any better tool
is available for this please let me know.
Any kind of help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot
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