How was holder_lesson created? If it has been scaled up from some other mc, the loaded movie will also be scaled up. Best to use a non-scaled clip as a holder. AS2 example:

holder_lesson._x = 10; // or wherever you want to place it
holder_lesson._y= 10; // or wherever you want to place it
holder_lesson.loadMovie("lessons/" + _root.wlesson + ".swf");

As Bob mentioned, you can also resize after loading but you must wait until the onLoadInit event has fired. In AS2 you'd use MovieClipLoader class to handle this.


At 06:45 AM 2/29/2008, you wrote:
I am loading a movie via:


the problem is the movie is maxing to the size of the swf and not the
size of the clip it is being loaded into... it takes up the whole swf...
I am even trying to resize it:

holder_lesson._width = 967;
holder_lesson._height = 572;
holder_lesson._x = 3;
holder_lesson._y = 23;

what's up?

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