Speaking of Ubuntu, I do my Flash development on an Ubuntu box. Flex
Builder 3, the Flex SDK, and Flash Player 9 run fine on it. If you
really need the IDE, you can VMWare, Remote Desktop, or plain-old dual
boot into your commercial OS of choice to run it.

Nowadays, you can buy a cheap Windows machine, pick up a copy of Mac
OS, and dual boot OSX and Windows (and Ubuntu, if you want to be
happy) cheaper than buying an Apple machine, and you get the ability
to buy standard off-the-shelf hardware if you want to do any

On 3/14/08, Zeh Fernando <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > It's time for me to get a new computer and I have heard so many horror
>  > stories about Vista that I am thinking of switching to Mac. What tools are
>  > people using to develop on the Mac. I mostly Flash IDE, FlexBuilder,
>  > FlashDevelop, SWFMill, SWFDump, HaXe, FlashTracer - are these available on
>  > Mac? Also any general info about developing on the Mac, positive or
>  > negative, would be helpful.
> This is a highly subjective question in so many ways that it's pretty
>  hard for anyone to answer in a neutral fashion.
>  With that said - yes, Vista is a POS, IMHO. It's the best definition of
>  an extremely annoying, user-unfriendly operating system. It's a slap in
>  the user's face as it automatically assumes anyone using the computer is
>  a complete retard. Which is probably true in 95% of the cases, but that
>  doesn't make it a good development architecture. Not mentioning it IS
>  slow as hell.
>  So the question shouldn't be whether you get a Mac vs a PC with Vista,
>  but rather a Mac vs a PC with Windows XP.
>  I'm probably not the best person to comment on it, I haven't used Vista
>  for a very long time. But after getting a Notebook with Vista I was
>  really surprised with how the horror stories (which I didn't believe
>  before, dismissing them as random, generic MS-hate) were accurate. Maybe
>  it's one of those systems that become bearable after you tweak it
>  enough, a bit like XP is. But my initial impressions were so strong I
>  really didn't feel like trying it at all. Thankfully I had bought the
>  Notebook for presentation and testing only so it's now happily running
>  Ubuntu instead.
>  Zeh
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