Try to manage a bigger project with it

That's why they made FlexBuilder.

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I mean with it, that after making flash player and swf & flv formats opensource, adobe would make the dev of new features and version a lot faster, as well the scene can make their own ide, and have not to w8t for adobe, which is actually good thing.

Truth, no one can hold with OpenSource software if u look how fast an product is evolving in this enviroment, and how it evolves in a closedsource, and by all means, flash player should be opensourced a way earlier! take a look on where firefox/mozilla is and where IE is, where ie 8 is going in the good direction but it took 10 years to realize that maybe holding to standards is a
good thing after all.

flash ide is a good software, i can't say it's not, but after AS evolved it it's current state, that IDE is obviously something that stays behind. Try to manage a bigger project with it WITHOUT
FlashDevelop or FDT...


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