This is probably not what your client wants to hear but the question has to
be asked. Isn't Firefox popup blocker there for a reason? When blocking is
active there is a message when a popup is attempted. Users have the choice
to block or not, or to white-list your popups. I recommend allowing them
that choice.

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I'm having problems with Fireox blocking my popup windows. I've tried
everything I can think of. It seems to happen on Windows running Firefox but
I can't replicate the issue on all machines I've tested(it works on most
machines but not all).

Here is the class I'm using:

package {

    import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

    public class URLUtil    {

        protected static const WINDOW_OPEN_FUNCTION : String =

        public static function openWindow(url : String, window : String =
"_blank", features : String = "") : void {
  , url, window,



//being called this way
function recholder1Release(event:MouseEvent) {

Any ideas?



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