but is there really nobody out there who knows how to do it ?

I'm sure Mr. Google knows.

And I'm pretty sure AnimationPackage has some color stuff.

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Thanx Ashum...,but is there really nobody out there who knows how to do it ?


Ashim D'Silva wrote:
Never used GTween before, but Grant is joining forces with Jack Doyle
of TweenLite, and that library is incredibly easy to use. If the
possibility exists, you might want to switch libraries, and soon, you
should get the best of both worlds.

2009/4/9 Jiri <jiriheitla...@googlemail.com>:
I am experimenting with GTween from Grant Skinner. I cant seem to figure out
how to do a color transform. Does somebody know how to do that?
Here is what i have:

import fl.motion.easing.*;
import com.gskinner.motion.*

var colorInfo:ColorTransform = clip.transform.colorTransform;


var myTween:GTween = new GTween(clip,2,{color:0xFFcc00});

//resulting in flickering of color of the clip.


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