I've come across this a few times in my own code, but haven't seen it
mentioned online - though it's a difficult thing to google for.

In the following function, if the trace at the top is present, formData
traces a load of XML and select1 also traces a load of XML.

If I comment out the top trace, formData still traces the same pile of XML
but select1 traces null!

public function testMakeModelFilterWorks():void {

 default xml namespace  = NAMESPACE;

var select1:XML = formData..select1[2];
trace("formData=", formData);
 trace("select1:", select1);

// etc
default xml namespace = null;

Any ideas? I'm getting fed up of leaving 'trace("");//don't delete me' at
the top of functions.
(I don't think it's a timing thing, if I put a 100000-item
increment-a-variable loop in there instead of a trace the E4X still fails.)

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