I only played with Edge briefly on vacation last summer. :)

I think that fear about HTML is warranted in terms of the quality of code you'll end up with - but the same can be said for hand written PostScript vs. Illustrator generated PostScript.

Personally, I'll be happen when I don't have to edit HTML by hand anymore. That day came for PostScript a generation ago, and with some luck and hard work, it'll come for HTML.

Kevin N.

On 2/24/12 10:29 AM, James Merrill wrote:
Have you guys given Adobe edge a try? It's like Flash MX, without easily
accessible fonts or drawing tools...

My fear is that handwriting HTML will always be cleaner and more structured
than using an IDE. Imagine building a robust web application with tons of
animation in Edge... It just seems impossible, where as Flash made it easy.

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