True enough - I keep hoping we'll get renewed interest in AIR apps on mobile, but the brand has taken such a beating no one seems willing to promote the usefulness of AIR that way. In my view, it's just as easy to make an awesome app experience in AIR as it has always been out of Flash Pro and/or with pure AS3 (not speaking about RIAs/Flex). It's not like there were ever great component tools out of Flash Pro (the ugly forms, bleh!), so we all have plenty of experience creating all that from scratch (and frankly I prefer that anyway). Nothing has changed for those of us who always used Flash that way. Add in Stage3D - the sky is the limit. It's just no one wants to hear about Flash anymore.

But yeah, AS3 is still one of my favorite languages. TypeScript looks good, and I'd really love to dive into Google's Go Lang - that looks awesome! I'm stuck in hopeless PHP most of the time these days. :-/

Kevin N.

On 10/26/12 4:54 PM, Merrill, Jason wrote:
It's the platform that is taking the big hit (Flash player)  therefore AS3 is 
decreasing in use because the platform is decreasing in use. It's not because 
AS3 lost favorability, the player did.

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