Sumeet, check these out:


On 14-1-2013 8:02, Sumeet Kumar wrote:
Thanks Hans and Deepanjan for your guidance....i will try these methods and
then post where I reached.

Thanks again.

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Hi Sumeet,

some stuff is much more important than other stuff:
- DRY - don't repeat yourself: cache calculations (sinus tables, array
lengths, radian conversion etc)
- Create as few objects as possible, eg use ObjectPooling
- try to stay away from movieclips and sprites, use bitmaps and spritesheets
whereever possible
- if rendering performance is your bottleneck, starling might help
- only cacheAsBitmap / Matrix if you know what you are doing
- only optimize if required, is your app running slow? If so, when?
- use a framecounter (eg mr doobs stats) to see where the framerate drops
- use a profiler to see what your app is doing with respect to object
- dispose bitmapdatas if you no longer use them and can't reuse them
- etc etc


On 11-1-2013 11:57, Sumeet Kumar wrote:
Hi All,

I am creating a very basic IPAD app. Adobe says we need to build the app
with code optimization. I have completed development of the app.

For code optimization,  I am removing listeners, using sprites instead of
movieclip, clearing Timers etc...what else I can do to optimize my
What do adobe really mean by code optimization.

Can anyone please guide me in this regard.


Sumeet Kumar

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