Rich Brown <> writes:

> I don't pretend to understand the metadata - there is a lot stuff in
> the JSON file - but I don't think including the information in the
> filename would be necessary.
> I don't foresee a transition problem here. Flent can continue to
> default to using the -H host for its latency measurements. The new
> version's results should be comparable to results from a months-ago
> run with the same network conditions.
> In the case when someone explicitly uses the
> --use_this_host_for_default_latency option, Flent will of course
> preserve that flag in some new metadata and the charts will look
> different. But the person running the test will know about that flag
> and can take that into account.
> (Or am I missing your point...) Thanks.

The point is that if you have two data files, one where the flag was
used and one where it wasn't, and then create a plot with both of those
data files... Then the plot will show two wildly different ping graphs
for what is ostensibly the same test.

Yes, we can save it in the data file, but we also want it to be obvious
from the plots themselves...

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