I do see your point. I'm casting about to find a good way to show this, 
especially when pulling results from separate data files, where the file names 
won't be a particularly good way to indicate a difference. Alternatives:

* The legend at the bottom "Local/Remote: 
localhost/flent-fremont.bufferbloat.net - Time: 2019... " could include 
* Or perhaps "Local/Remote/Pinging: 
localhost/flent-fremont.bufferbloat.net/ - Time: 2019... "
* Or in the case that Flent was combining separate data files, (actually, 
anytime the ping host is different from the -H host) perhaps the plot legend 
(on the right of the chart) could include the IP address of the alternate ping 
host - that is, "Ping to (ms)" instead of "Ping (ms)" 

PS I'm not meaning to be glib, or trying to ignore other important situations. 
I expect this particular use case to be very common, and so want to make sure 
it looks great in the test results and charts. Thanks.

*I'm mostly adding the image to prompt my memory of how the chart looks, not 
for new information*

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