In response to two threads from May-June 2008:
  Re: [flexbackup-help] flexbackup-help Digest, Vol 9, Issue 1
  Re: [flexbackup-help] flexbackup error
(Apologies for lack of reference headers -- I've just joined the list
and my email software hasn't seen the above threads.)

I'm experiencing a problem which sounds similar to Andrew Schein's. My
home directory contains a 'directory' called .gvfs, of zero bytes; when
I ask flexbackup to back up /home (sudo flexbackup -set home), it starts
creating a .tar.gz file, does about 100 MB, then stops and deletes
the .tar.gz file. And in the log there's a similar 'find' error:

cd "/home" && /tmp/flexbackup.11443.venus/ find . \
  -depth -xdev ! -type s ! -regex ".*/[Cc]ache/.*" ! -regex ".*~"$ \
  -print0 | /tmp/flexbackup.11443.venus/ tar
--create \
  --null --files-from=- --ignore-failed-read --same-permissions \
  --no-recursion --totals --label "level 0 /home Wed Mar 18 17:44:38
2009 \
  tar+gzip from venus" --verbose --sparse -b 20 --file - | \
  /tmp/flexbackup.11443.venus/ gzip -4 | \
  /tmp/flexbackup.11443.venus/ buffer -m 10m -p 75
-s \
  10k -t -o "/media/backup4mb/venus/home.0.200903181744.tar.gz"
 [ ! -e /tmp/flexbackup.11443.venus/exitstatus.11443 ]
find: ./robert/.gvfs: Permission denied

I'm running gNewSense 2.1 "Deltah" (based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS--"Hardy").

I keep trying to add a $prune line for /home, but perhaps my regexp
syntax could be improved:
  $prune{'/home'} = ".gvfs";
  $prune{'/home'} = "robert/.gvfs";
  $prune{'/home'} = "robert/\.gvfs";
  $prune{'/home'} = "\.*\\.gvfs";
None of these prevent 'find' from erroring on that file.

Can I "prune" my way out of this?
Any advice gratefully received :-)

Thank you very much,

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