On Sat, 2009-03-21 at 09:18 +0000, Niall Brosnan wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Is it possible that the .gvfs is the last entry logged that isn't a
> problem,
> and that the problem is elsewhere and failing? The error message is
> from find,
> but the failure is from tar.
> How about creating another user account on the machine, and running a
> comparison backup for that home directory?
> How much diskspace is your home directory using? Is 208MB a large
> percentage of it?
> Have you any unusual files (such as large video) in your home
> directory?
> Have you any other backups on the system that complete that are
> larger?
> You could also try switching to an rsync archive type for a few runs,
>  and see if the problem is expressed differently.
> Good luck with it. I'm very interested because if there's a .gvfs
> issue around that can be triggered easily, it could affect a lot of
> us. 

Hi Niall: /home/robert is 187.9 MB, so that's most of 208 MiB :-) And I
haven't attempted any larger backups on this PC. No large videos either;
my largest file is 14227366 bytes:

However it does seem to be the .gvfs 'find' error that is causing
flexbackup to delete my archive. I created new user 'fred' as a test:

Logged in as fred once - logged out - /home/fred was using 28KB. At this
point flexbackup hit the same .gvfs find error, and the archive was

rob...@venus:~$ sudo flexbackup -set homefred
find: ./.gvfs: Permission denied
level 0 /home/fred Tue Mar 24 21:59:12 2009 tar+gzip from venus
ERROR: non-zero exit from:
find . -depth -xdev ! -type s ! -regex .*/[Cc]ache/.* ! -regex .*~$

ERROR: exiting

Logged in as fred again - ran 'fusermount -u .gvfs' - logged out -
logged in as robert again - ran 'sudo flexbackup -set homefred'. This
time there were no errors in the log and the archive was left on the
output device.

Looking at the code, flexbackup seems to wait until find, tar, etc. have
all completed, then check for errors afterwards. If it notices an error,
then the code tries to delete the output file(s).

None of this explains why flexbackup actually deletes the archive on my
system, but not on yours. The code does mention an ignore-errors option;
presumably you're not using that?

I expect you've got more up-to-date versions of findutils, gvfs-fuse
etc. than I have. If so, presumably you are benefitting from some fix or
other that hasn't percolated through to gNewSense yet. (I have findutils
version 4.2.32-1ubuntu2, and libc6 version 2.7-10ubuntu3.)

All the best, Robert

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