Hi Robert,
I can confirm that I'm using a stock flexbackup 1.2.1-6 on ubuntu 8.10
without this issue.
I usually use a different product (backuppc actually) for nightly home
directories, so I thought I might just not have been hit by it. I use
flexbackup for mail spools and config directories as well as for snapshot
backups before doing any reconfiguration tasks...

I added a /home stanza to my flexbackup.conf and ran the job both with users
logged in
to GNOME (so ,gvfs was active), and late at night so that it wasn't.
I do get the same "find: `./.gvfs': Permission denied" entry in my log,
but it is not a showstopper. What backup format and medium are you choosing?
Would you mind posting your settings using something like:
egrep -v -e '(^#|^$)'  /etc/flexbackup.conf

Do you actually have a set defined as /home, or is it /home/robert ?
Your prune expressions are not being honoured according to your log.
You might find defining a set as /home/robert and adding

 $prune{'/home/robert'} = ".gvfs";

might be more effective.

You should probably put it into an exclude_expr as well as in:
*$exclude_expr[2] = '.*/.gvfs/.*';

*Good luck with it,
I'll be watching with interest.
I've been using flexbackup for years, and there's always a way out of these

*2009/3/18 Robert Canner <robert.can...@tiscali.co.uk>

> I'm experiencing a problem which sounds similar to Andrew Schein's. My
> home directory contains a 'directory' called .gvfs, of zero bytes; when
> I ask flexbackup to back up /home (sudo flexbackup -set home), it starts
> creating a .tar.gz file, does about 100 MB, then stops and deletes
> the .tar.gz file. And in the log there's a similar 'find' error:
> find: ./robert/.gvfs: Permission denied
> === END OF EXTRACT ===
> I'm running gNewSense 2.1 "Deltah" (based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS--"Hardy").
> I keep trying to add a $prune line for /home, but perhaps my regexp
> syntax could be improved:
>  $prune{'/home'} = ".gvfs";
>  $prune{'/home'} = "robert/.gvfs";
>  $prune{'/home'} = "robert/\.gvfs";
>  $prune{'/home'} = "\.*\\.gvfs";
> None of these prevent 'find' from erroring on that file.
> Can I "prune" my way out of this?
> Any advice gratefully received :-)
> Thank you very much,
> Robert
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