not really sure about how to resolve this as we're not using flexbackup
that often anymore, but we still make use of an afio based backup solution:

André Tenreiro schrieb:
> |------------------------------------------------------------
> | Checking 'buffer' on this machine... Ok
> | Checking /bin/sh on this machine... unknown
> |------------------------------------------------------------
> | Logging output to "flexbackup.list.201003040224.log"
> |------------------------------------------------------------
> At block 1.
> |------------------------------------------------------------
> | buffer -m 10m -p 75 -s 10k -t -u 100 -i "/dev/nst0" | afio -t -z -D \
> |   /usr/bin/flexbackup -P gzip -Q -d -Q -q -Z -v   -b 10k -

Leaving out all this "magic", did you so far already try using "plain"
afio to list or extract things off your tape? I'd try

afio -t /dev/nst0


afio -i /dev/nst0

to see whether, after all, it is generally possible to get data off your
tape in your given environment. This way, you eventually might be
capable of making sure at least your tape is fine...


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