Am 05.03.2010 00:07, schrieb André Tenreiro:

> atenre...@intranet:~$ sudo afio -t /dev/nst0
> afio: "/dev/nst0" [offset 0]: Cannot allocate memory
> afio: "/dev/nst0": Input does not start with valid archive header.
> afio: "/dev/nst0": Use the -k option to start reading in the middle of an 
> archive.

Hmmm... did you actually try -k , as afio requested you to do? It might 
be helpful in some situations. Given you're somewhere in the middle of 
the tape, this would perfectly explain the message IMHO.

Other way 'round, however, maybe adding a "-v" to make afio a little 
more verbose also doesn't hurt. ;)


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