You have to create a variable of type Global somewhere in your code before you 
can use the class variable x.

The Flash Builder compiler is "Smart". If you explicitly import a class but 
then don't use it the compiler will not import the class. To do so would bloat 
the code for something that is not used.

As x is a static variable (ie. class variable) you would need to use the class 
to get access to x. ie. Global.x

After you create the variable you don't need to use that variable. In fact, the 
variable will be null. Global will not appear in the Variables view as it is 
not a variable - it is a class. To see x in debug you would need to create an 
expression - Global.x

--- In, William Mitchell <whm@...> wrote:
> I've got a class like this:
> package tos.model
> {
>       public class Global
>       {
>               public static var x:int
>       }
> }
> when at a breakpoint in Flash Builder 4.5, I'd like to find out what the 
> value of Global.x is.
> Global doesn't appear in the Variables view.
> I've tried adding watches for Global, Global.x, tos.model.Global, and 
> tos.model.Global.x.  All produce '<error(s)_during_the_evaluation>' in red in 
> the Value column.
> Any ideas on how I could get a look at Global.x?
> William Mitchell
> Research Programmer
> School of Information: Science, Technology,  and Arts
> The University of Arizona

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