Strange. It works for me.

Maybe you need to initialize x in the constructor of the Global class. Leaving 
it unassigned may cause that error.

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> >
> > You have to create a variable of type Global somewhere in your code before 
> > you can use the class variable x.
> valdhor: Thanks for that note.  I'd tried to boil the question to its 
> essence.  In the real app, various static members of Global are used in 
> various places.  However, your note did prompt me to add this field in the 
> application (tos.mxml):
>     public static var global: Global = new Global
> That produces an interesting result: in the Expressions view 
> shows me the data of interest, giving me a viable workaround.
> But Global.x in the Expressions view produces the same result: 
> <error(s)_during_the_evaluation>

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