Yes, we have also abandoned Flex in favor of ZKoss. Since we are already a Java 
shop, on the server side, it seemed logical to use a Java based framework on 
the client-side. 

The thing I really like about ZK or ZKoss is that it has equivalent components 
to Flex. In fact, it actually has more components than Flex.

It implements an approach that I really like of separating the UI into 
appearance and behavior - much like the Spark components of Flex. Well, not 
exactly, but sort of. :) Here's what I mean. For each UI object, it has a 
client side (widget) and server side (component). I won't go into further 
detail, but it gives you a nice separation of concerns that you can avail 
yourself of. This feature also greatly insulates the rendered pages from 
x-browser compatibility issues. 

Check it out for yourself at their site ( 


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> hi, 
>  as i can sadly see from the message history bottom grid, many programmers 
> are leaving flex.
> So this thread is to ask you all, if you have already found a valid 
> alternative to flex for RIA development.

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