Rishi Tandon,

Seems to me, from your signature, that you have an invested interest in Flex 
continuing. I would say that makes it difficult for you to see the "difference 
between a reality and our own perception", as you so aptly put it.

The least Adobe could do, after kicking Flex out to go live with the neighbor 
is be honest with their customers and say, "We recommend that you stop 
developing in Flex because targeting web applications for the Flashplayer is a 
dead-end endeavor. We recommend that you begin any new projects (not already in 
progress) in HTML5 or another technology." Instead, being embarrassed at 
pulling the rug out from under their developer base, they feed them the lie 
that they're going to be there for the Flex developers in the long haul. Anyone 
with reading comprehension knows such a declaration, in light of other 
statements from Adobe, is a request that we practice cognitive dissonance 

Flee maya, Rishi. 


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> Well Ron, I don't agree with you.
> There is a difference between a reality and our own perception.
> I have seen a huge demand for flex based solution in 
> Education (hmh, piersons)
> Finance (j p morgon, boa)
> Healthcare (hospira)
> Entertainment (directv)
> Ecommerce ( eBay ) and the list goes on and on...
> If as of today companies decide to change the strategy and port all the 
> existing flex based application into HTML 5, then it would take around 5 
> years to do so as HTML 5 is still not mature for web and desktop.
> Check the percent of browser which support HTML 5.
> N what about desktop apps that are so beautifully created using adobe air.
> My personal thought is that some people are trying to take advantage of this 
> bad rumours and advertising the dead tools which were existed for years.
> Please be patience and watch the change.
> N Stop spreading the rumours.
> Regards
> Rishi Tandon
> Software Development Adviser Flex 
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