The basic reason to add skins in Flex 4 is to increase the performance and load 
time of flex based application. It removes the numerous extra properties from 
the mx object which could be added as per the UI demand.
Skinning provides more flexible to the UI controls and components [such as side 
rounded button, triangle button, circular button, and more]
There is no end to your imagination while using skinning, but whereas for MX 
control, we have to abide as per the API specification.
As well as it provided clear line b/w flex developer and designer and a 
designer can create customized FXG using Catalyst.
As mentioned by Jerry, the learning curve is complex initially but once you get 
the grip, you will love to use it in your application.

Rishi Tandon

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Subject: RE: [flexcoders] Advantages and Disadvantages of skinning

I think the skinning allows the components to be lighter. 
But it makes everything a lot more complex.
A month ago I started a thread on what the pieces in a skin mean
and not one person was able to respond so there seems to be a learning curve at
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Subject: [flexcoders] Advantages and Disadvantages of skinning
Hello folks,

Today I have been asked to explain advantages and disadvantages of skinning in
flex. I thought of asking this to all experienced flexers, and here it is.

I hope this discussion will help everybody in future. So please input/share
your knowledge.

Thank you.

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