> I would like to be able to take a 
>function name I've read from the script and call the corresponding 


Hi A. P. Damien, 

As I understand it, you have existing functions which you want to call by
passing the name of a function as a string to a generic method. 
By 'script' I take you to mean an external text source. 

public function makeTheCall(s:String):void{ 
   //use try/catch to handle errors
   try {
   catch(e:ReferenceError) {

>Do I have to declare the class 'dynamic' for this trick to work?
I don't think so.

> Or is it always legal to do this from inside the class? 
'Always' is a tricky word. The functions you want to call need to be in the
same Class in order for the 'this' keyword to work. The function's name and
the  function name string must be an exact match for case and spelling. 



Keith Reinfeld 

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