I'm very new at this, so I gave you all the info I really have.  As Tim said, in the *future*, SWFs created for Flash 9 and up will likely be very friendly with Flex.  But the help is pretty clearly stating that right now anything made for 8 and below can only talk using LocalConnection.  But who knows, maybe the docs are incomplete/wrong on that part.  Like I said, I'm very new at this...

On 6/19/06, roberto.rosenthal < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Jason, thanks for the prompt reply... But that doesn't really help,
does it ? How strange.. I just spoke today with James Ward, a Flex
Evangelist, and he assure me that the future for Flash developers was
to build customs components (SWC) to interact with Flex... and also
sugest me to ask the flexcoders group about this issue (what I'm doing).

Anyhow, do you know where I can learn how to do that ? Meaning: build
a custom SWC component with Flash and use it as a Flex component tag.

I really appreciate it,
Roberto Rosenthal

Jason __._,_.___

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