Patterns are language neutral; yes

But, this is a double edge sword. Maybe he meant, "A book about how to implement those neutral patterns in Flex that is not neutral";

That's like saying in all foreign languages a sentence has the pattern signature of blah blah... When some go from left to right, right to left, sentence structure and signature relies on the foundation of the language itself. The pattern expresses the intent of what needs to be described IN the language that is not neutral.

This is why there are books on how to write English, Spanish, French, Japanese etc. ;-)

I can already tell you that there will be new patterns found using mxml-as3.

Peace, Mike

On 6/20/06, Phil Marston <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

don't know about flex as 3 specifically, but worth checking out
O'Reilly's "Head First Design Patterns"



judah wrote:
> Are there any design pattern books coming out in the near future that
> talk about design patterns with ActionScript 3 or Flex 2?
> Best Regards,
> Judah Frangipane

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