Duncan McCreanor wrote:

We have produced a working multiplayer version under Linux. The multiplayer code has been created from scratch without using any of the existing multiplayer code. It was felt that the existing multiplayer code was too platform (Unix/Linux) specific and appeared to slow down the frame rate. The multiplayer code we have added uses existing Simgear and plib classes so should be platform independent, although we have not tested it on other platforms and have not allowed for endian issues.

Allright, this is in CVS now.
I haven't been able to test the multiplayer code myself, so if people could give it a test. It compiles without a problem, but needs a rerun of the autoconf scripts (autogen.sh && configure).

network-olk defaults to off now but could be reactivated by adding:

./configure --with-network-olk=yes --multiplayer=no


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