> I don't know that network-olk ever really worked, so if this new
> multiplayer code has any sort of basic functionality we could probably
> just remove the olk code.  If any one needs it for anything, it will
> always be available in past versions.
> Regards,
> Curt.

We actually did manage to get the OLK code working under Linux.  It
required a few changes as it was seg-faulting.

The OLK code is a serious frame rate killer though.  Every frame it
opens a TCP socket to the server, sends its position, then closes the
socket.  It then opens another socket to the server, requests all the
other aircrafts positions and closes again.

Feel free to browse and comment on our new multiplayer implementation.
Since it is UDP it is a much lower performance hit.  As it is integrated
into the IO subsystem, you can specify the rate the protocol runs at to
further tweak performance.  We typically run 10 - 30 Hz on our Tower sim

The code and some documentation are on my website.

If you have any problems Duncan and I both lurk on the list and should
be able to help.

Diarmuid Tyson

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