Jon Berndt wrote:
For JSBSim some of us are thinking of release notes for each aircraft flight
model we have available. This would describe notes on the flight model,
sources, mention the 3D model (or lack of one), and flight hints, etc.
(P-Factor, what's modeled, what's not).

I think that generally release notes for a specific aircraft are an
attractive concept, thought I don't know where they would be stored. I think
it is potentially another reason why the hangar concept is starting to look


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Perhaps we should invent a new tag for this information. That way you could put a lot more info in the definition file and organize it. In fact, you could cram a whole POH in there if you wanted to. Then it would be available for a neat little nasal pop-up in flight, as well as any browsers, loaders and wrappers. I'd love to have my V speeds and checklists at a keystroke. It wouldn't be super human readable, but a short perl script or something like that would extract it nicely, and xml is human readable to someone who's never seen it before, especially if you did this:

<PropertyList include="ncc1701d-set.xml">
  <description>The Enterprise</description>
  <poh include="ncc1701d-poh.xml">

and then put all the good stuff in ncc1701d-poh.xml. If this sounds like a good idea, we can easily settle on what useful information to put in there, as much as we want.


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