"Curtis L. Olson" writes:

> Durk Talsma wrote:
> >I vote in favor of enabling threads. I've ran FlightGear for ten hours, with 
> >threads enabled, without any problems. 
> >
> >In addition, it's probably a good time to do this now, just after a release. 
> >Because enabling threading now in cvs will give the developers ample time to 
> >iron out any bugs well before the next release is coming up.
> >  
> >
> Are there any platforms which use the configure system which have 
> trouble with threads?  What's the situation with cygwin and mingwin?

I've had no problem with threads on Cygwin in recent memory.  I've never managed to 
compile FG on Mingwin with or without threads.  I'd support defaulting to with-threads.

Cheers - Dave

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