Vivian Meazza wrote:
> wastegate-mp="18.32"
> [...]
> mp-osi = 26.050 - does the "wastegate" work? - is this psi?

The units are absolute pressure in inches of mercury (I honestly don't
know what the "-osi" suffix means).  The wastegate should indeed work.
However, it is an overpressure release valve.  It cannot suck a vacuum
in the manifold if ambient pressure is already higher than its
setting. :)

Typical values for the wastegate are going to be significantly higher
than one atmosphere (== ~28" Hg), but I'm sure that varies with
supercharger design.  Probably some aircraft don't have them at all.

> The model does not fly, failing to accelerate (insufficient prop
> thrust), with the following output data when throttle = 1:

Outside the wastegate setting (which is a noop in this case) nothing
looks clearly incorrect.  Can you post the whole file so I can try it?

> I've tried increasing pitch, to no avail. I've tried
> <takeoff-power="1100" takeoff-rpm="1360" - then YASim crashes

That's clearly a bug; no configuration should be causing crashes*.
Can you be more specific about how to reproduce it?


* Well, not quite: you can crash YASim by mapping a property to an
  incorrect object -- THROTTLE on a wing, for example.  It should
  check for validity at parse time, but doesn't.

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