Andy Ross said:

> These settings don't make much sense in combination.
> The "eng" setting is a maximum power (at standard sea level) for the
> engine without supercharging.  In this case, the normally aspirated
> engine develops 1140 HP at max RPM.

That needs to be clarified in the docs (the part about "without
supercharging").  I know it should be obvious,  but the way the solver works
with other values it is reasonable to assume the max power is max power, not
max power w/o supercharger. Also IIRC the only specs available for the Merlin
were with the supercharger.  Possibly there are some older models that could
be used, but I'm not sure if there was one that went into production w/o at
least turbo.

In any case this sheds some light on a few problems I had modeling the p51d.



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