Hi everyone,

I'm creating the 3d instruments for the mb339 using JSBSim
and YASimas as flight dynamics models.

The questions are:

about YASim: in which units is measured the oil pressure?
In JSBSim the value is holded by "oil-pressure-psi" and it's
measured in psi; in YASim is holded by "epr" but the units
are missing.

about JSBBim: the airplane has three tanks, but the flight
model uses only the first. In other words, if I start FlightGear
with the first tank empty, the engine is off and doesn't
starts. This happens even if the first tank is plenty or with few
fuel (I've tried with 1gal and when it's all consumed, the engine
shuts off, even if the other two tanks are full).

How I can solve this problems? There's someone that could
helps me?



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