Hello All,

I'm having trouble with a couple of FG problems.

The less serious of the two concerns the weather settings.  I'm using the 
default weather settings, except that I've increased the visibility ranges 
but I'm finding that the actual weather 'level' I'm getting, apart from 
initial start-up on the ground, is pretty random.  For example, more often 
than not, after taking off, as I pass through 500ft the weather settings 
transition to the 6000ft or 9000ft level so I'm getting up to 30kt crosswinds 
at a little over 500ft.

I should point out that this is with airfields that are < 200ft alt.

Sometimes it doesn't happen and the weather progresses smoothly through the 
3000ft, 6000ft and 9000ft levels, but this is pretty rare.

Opening the weather settings gui and selecting 'Reset' seems to be pretty 
random too - sometimes it'll correct the weather but quite often it'll do 
nothing or just select another incorrect level - for example, I can hit reset 
several times while at < 1000ft and I can see (and check via the property 
browser) that I'm getting the 6000ft or 9000ft levels.  Frequently I'll get 
the right weather level by hitting reset only for it to jump back to the 
9000ft level when I hit 'ok' to close the gui.

Once I've finally got the correct weather for the level I'm flying at and 
closed the gui without messing it up, the weather then seems to behave 

The more serious problem is with nav1 ils guidence.  I can get the a/c onto 
the glide slope and following the nav1 heading nicely but at approx 1 mile 
from the runway the nav1-heading-error-deg can suddenly jump from < 0.01 deg 
to about 4 or 5 deg.  While smaller aircraft can cope with this, something 
like the AN-225 can't.

I can tune the pid controllers so it can cope with this jump but then it can't 
get on to the nav1 heading and stay there without badly overshooting (by up 
to a couple of miles) several times before it settles down, by which time 
it's almost on the runway.

I've noticed that if there's any degree of crosswind, although the 
nav1-heading-error-deg might be showing < 0.01 deg, the hsi needle is clearly 
showing that I'm off to one side of the GS and I suspect that the jump I'm 
seeing is some sort of correction for this.

Neither of these problems seem to be dependent on the a/c - I've experienced 
them with a variety of a/c.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems?  They aren't particularly new - 
I've been seeing them for quite a while and they're still occurring with the 
cvs update I did a couple of hours ago.


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