Hi Guys

"Ampere K. Hardraade" writes

>I went in to attach everything, then detach everything again so now all the
object's pivot align at [0,0,-5.96]. It would seem that the code that reads
3ds files takes the position of the objects relative to their pivot instead
of the object's true location. Hence you see things like flaps and engines
get dislocated. It would also seem that the code doesn't support the
"mirror" function. So instead of being able to just flip one side to the
other and call it a day, I have attach everything together, and detach
everything again.

As far as I know with AC3D the objects pivot point is what FG acts on if there is some kind of offset then maybe it won't work. Have you tried animating your own copy Ampere.I will have a look at my copy and see if I can get anything to work.

> >
> So, the two things I don't know yet are:
> 1). Can we animate a 3ds model?
I am about to find out
> 2). If we need to convert to ac3d format, is there a way to retain the
> original names given to each surface or do we need to manually reinsert
> them?
Probably not.Not only do you lose the names but also the grouping.So I would
think you would need to rename and regroup everything.But I could be wrong


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