> I hope you can texture it from 3DS because when I
> converted it to AC3D the file went from 120K to 1.2 meg
> and wound not reduce in size.I dont know if this has to do
> with any LOD structures you may have created.
I think 3DS uses binary to store the data while AC3D uses ascii.  That may 
explain why the file is huge after conversion.

> Did you 
> intend converting it to texture it??.
I can apply the textures in 3D Studio.  To be honest, I don't have much 
experience on doing textures.  However, I don't think I will have much 
problems "creating" the textures since the logo for various airlines can be 
found on Google. =P

Speaking of textures, what format does FlightGear support?  Must the textures 
size be on the power of 2 (2x2, 4X4, 16X16, 32X32...) or can it be of random 

Thanks in Advance,

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