On Fri 23. April 2004 23:49, you wrote:
> Martin,
> So far all I have is a good quality 3-view scanned from schweizer book in
> the museum library:
> http://www.spiderbark.com/fgfs/sgs-1-26_3-view.tiff
> Note that is 4.9mb and will only be available for a few days at that
> address.
> The only round tail in the museum's collection is hanging in the food court
> of a local shopping mall, so the detail and angles available might be
> limited.  There's a later model 1-26 on display that I could easily access,
> so if there's anything there (e.g. cockpit) that you can use I'll snap a
> few shots.
> Best,
> Jim

Thanks, it is fine detailed 3-view. I had used some hand drawed from 
internet. What i don't udestand is how is undercariage done on this sailplane 
and I will invite any photo of it. I have some nice cockpit snaps, but I am 
missing some snaps of intruments where you can read all markings. I am also 
missing some snap of extended airbrake,nose and tail from bottom.


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