> After a few tries I managed to get the latest CVS 
> working again (thanks for the help Fred!), I also 
> found out some other things. I learned that it is 
> impossible to compile without sound support. If you 
> remove the #define ENABLE_AUDIO_SUPPORT, compile 
> errors will result. Is there a way to disable sound 
> support (besides the runtime parameter)? I would 
> like to know this, since I did not dive into the 
> OpenAl stuff yet, and really dont use sound anyway..

I don't thing it is possible. Setting up FG with OpenAL
is not a big deal though. I posted the stuff involved 
2 days ago.

> Also can someone tell me how I can succesfully run FG 
> from the MSVC debugger? how do you get it to find the 
> DATA directory and command line parameters? I run it 
> from a batch file now, but I noticed FG is picky about 
> its location relative to the DATA directory.

Open the settings/properties of your FG project, and 
add the command line arguments in the 'Debugging' tab,
in the 'Command Arguments' field. Use it also if you 
want to start FG without debugging, in the Release 
configuration. My arguments includes :

--fg-root=i:/Flightgear/cvs/fgfsbase --geometry=1024x768 
 --aircraft=ufo --airport-id=KSFO 

and so on.


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