On 4/28/04 at 1:29 PM David Luff wrote:

>On 4/28/04 at 7:17 AM Jon Berndt wrote:
>>Many of the rest of them seemed to simply hang, but no sound was ever
>>produced. I wonder, though, if your stuff was being used here, because I
>>already have libopenal32.a in /usr/local/lib. I recompiled all the tests.
>The tests compile and link with ../src/libopenal.a, so unless you've
>their build script or replaced that lib with Norman's then you'll still be
>linking (the tests) against the original.

FWIW, the tests wouldn't link when I replaced src/libopenal.a with Norman's
libopenal32.a (renamed to remove the '32').

Cheers - Dave

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