On 4/28/04 at 10:16 AM Curtis L. Olson wrote:

>David Luff wrote:
>>Norman's latest openal build fixes it :-)
>>You have to admire Curt's methodology - fatally breaking the Cygwin build
>>has certainly created a momentum to fix it, and presumably saved the time
>>and hassle of riddling the sound code with ifdefs!
>In my own defense, all indications from the openal code and the web page 
>seemed to be that cygwin was supported.  I'm not able to test every 
>combination of every platform in advance myself, especially since I 
>don't have easy access to a windows machine that I can tie up to do 
>cygwin builds ... or even has enough HD space if I wanted to.

Absolutely no defence is required :-)  You've obviously put a lot of time
and effort in to making this very worthwhile (IMHO) switch.

>To be perfectly honest, the OpenAL switch has generally gone more 
>smoothly than I expected.  I was bracing for much worse, but most people 
>on most platforms seemed to have an easy time of it.
>Cygwin is a little bit different nut to crack.  As I understand it, 
>cygwin can link against any .dll out there so in theory it should be 
>able to work with the standard openal SDK.  But, you have to create a 
>wrapper libopenal.a to make the cygwin linker happy since it doesn't 
>know how to directly link against .dll's.  That process isn't all that 
>difficult, but it also isn't documented very well and most people don't 
>know how to do it.  I remember fiddling with this stuff years ago when 
>we first started this project because there wasn't any libopen*GL*.a for 
>cygwin at that time, but I wouldn't be able to remember the details any 
>more.  Fortunately Norman pulled through with both the knowledge and the 
>time to do this.

I guess the ideal situation as far as FlightGear is concerned would be if
the openal binaries got bundled with Cygwin itself.  Unfortunately I don't
know nearly enough about how it fits together to confidently go on the
Cygwin lists and advocate it.

Cheers - Dave

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