> There's someone that could help me or to find an aircraft which 
> is more or less same at MB339PAN (it's the aircraft used by 
> Frecce Tricolori, the Italian acrobatic team). I've tried to 
> adjust the config file myself but every change I made meets some 
> targets and estrange some others.  An example are the flaps: the 
> take off speed was too high so I've added more lift to them. As a 
> result the aircraft has more lift but even the drag, that I've 
> not changed, was increased. Why? 
> Thanks, Luca
> PS: The config file is for JSBSim. So, if there's a way to 
> calculate the data using some programs, I'll try even this way. 

There will be a way, but it's not quite ready, yet.


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