> There's someone that could help me or to find an aircraft which is more or
> less same at MB339PAN (it's the aircraft used by Frecce Tricolori, the
> Italian acrobatic team). I've tried to adjust the config file myself but
> every change I made meets some targets and estrange some others. 
> example are the flaps: the take off speed was too high so I've added more
> lift to them. As a result the aircraft has more lift but even the drag,
> that I've not changed, was increased. Why?

The airplane will fly at a lower angle of attack, which should result in a 
decrease in drag (all other things unchanged, you're getting lift for free).  
There's no way to tell what's happening in your case without seeing both the 
previous and present versions of your config files.

Your original problem was takeoff speed.  Sometimes the problem is not lift 
but rather elevator authority (or CG location).  Did the airplane rotate at a 
reasonable speed?

David Culp

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