> * Curtis L. Olson -- Friday 30 April 2004 22:52:
> > Because it samples only once per frame, it will almost never see the
> > wall. [...] Besides, flying into buildings isn't exactly top form
> > these days.
> That's OK. Also being able to fly through buildings isn't really such
> a problem, although I generally prefer max realism (minus blood and
> pilot disintegration). Still, I configured the bo105 to play a crash sound
> if appropriate, and I would like to see the other aircrafts do the
> same. This was desirable, because when flying from chase view with the
> viewer position under the aircraft and looking in the sky, I often didn't
> even notice a crash for a few seconds.  Not even the engine sound
> stopped. Fooled me quite some times. A crash is only a "problem" in
> real life, it can be educative in a simulator.  :-)

At a minimum, the simulator should freeze with a message denoting a
destructive contact or out of bounds attitude.  For instance, the MD-83
sim at Alaska Airlines is configured to freeze if the bank angle exceeds
45 degrees - they don't want their pilots doing that unless it's
absolutely necessary.


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