Melchior FRANZ writes:
> * Al West -- Friday 30 April 2004 20:05:
> > Is collision detection part of the model/dynamics set per aircraft? Just I've 
> > been flying through the buildings in San Fran all afternoon in the bo105.
> Contact points are per model, but the behavior is AFAIK the same for all
> models: you can fly through walls, but not through roofs (neither up nor
> down). I've no idea if this was intended. :-)

FlightGear does not do collision detection.
FlightGear does Height Above Terrain determination.

If you want to crash when you fly into a building 
in SRC / Scenery / hitlist.cxx  
change the two occurences of 

       if ( alt > hit_elev && alt < max_alt_m ) {
        if ( alt > hit_elev ) {

Note with this change you won't be able to taxi inside of hangars 
or fly under bridges though.



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