Melchior FRANZ wrote:
* Curtis L. Olson -- Friday 30 April 2004 22:52:

Because it samples only once per frame, it will almost never see the wall. [...] Besides, flying into buildings isn't exactly top form
these days.

That's OK. Also being able to fly through buildings isn't really such a problem, although I generally prefer max realism (minus blood and pilot disintegration). Still, I configured the bo105 to play a crash sound if appropriate, and I would like to see the other aircrafts do the same. This was desirable, because when flying from chase view with the viewer position under the aircraft and looking in the sky, I often didn't even notice a crash for a few seconds. Not even the engine sound stopped. Fooled me quite some times. A crash is only a "problem" in real life, it can be educative in a simulator. :-)

I was thinking more small Nasal script, in the line of:

+-----------------------------------------+ | Collision detected. Simulation halted. | | | | Press OK to restart. | | | | +------+ | | | OK | | | +------+ | +-----------------------------------------+


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