Jonathan Richards said:

> Firstly, a title.  Jon's newsletter is called 'Back of the Envelope', which I 
> think is particularly clever - JSBSim is anything but a back-of-the-envelope 
> calculation, and there are echoes of flight envelope, too.
> I'm severely lacking inspiration of this calibre, so here's my offer:  a 
> bottle of one of the fine beers from my local brewery [1], lovingly packed 
> and shipped to your location, for the best suggestion for the title of a 
> FlightGear newsletter.  Competition closes 3 weeks from today, judges' 
> decision is final, all entries become the property of, er, (forget that one), 
> yadda yadda.
> Fame, glory and Wickwar beer!  What are you waiting for?
How about "Gear Up!" with the exclamation point included,  like that old web
directory turned portal that stole its name from Gulliver's Travels?

> Secondly, we're missing suggestions for content.  Suggest away, but what I'd 
> really like is for you to suggest and volunteer to write, as well.

Hmmm...let me think about that.



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