On Sunday 02 May 2004 16:20, Jonathan Richards wrote:
> Firstly, a title.  Jon's newsletter is called 'Back of the Envelope', which

How about "Foxtrot Golf" ?

> Secondly, we're missing suggestions for content.  Suggest away, but what
> I'd really like is for you to suggest and volunteer to write, as well.

Perhaps it would be an idea to break these down into topics.  Then aim to 
have, say, 3 topics covered in each newsletter.  If people are going to be 
subscribing then we want to keep them interested and as the target audience 
are going to have diverse interests in FlightGear we want to have something 
that caters for everyone.  

Also I think it's easier for potential writers to try to think of an article 
on an aspect of FlightGear, flight simulation, computing, software 
development or aviation if a set of topics have been defined. 

In addition a number of people (at the Linux Expo and on list/forum) were 
asking when is FlightGear v1.0 going to be released.  A lot of people have a 
keen interest in FlightGear's development and I think it would be nice if 
there is something showing current release targets in terms of capability etc 
and aspects of FG being actively worked on. 

I know I'm opening a can of worms here and understand FG is under no 
commericial influences (AFAIK).  One major plus point is potential developers 
could see a nice entry point for themselves.

All the best,

> Regards
> Jonathan
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