On Thursday 20 May 2004 13:51, David Megginson wrote:
> I'm under a serious spam attack from an infected computer of someone on the
> list.  Here is where the spam is originating:
>    user-24-214-247-18.knology.net
> Many of the spams are arriving with Curt's e-mail address spoofed on them,
> and unfortunately, baron.me.umn.edu seems happy to relay them for the
> infected computer.  In fact, baron is relaying *all* of the spam, even the
> stuff return addresses like [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> All the best,
> David

These e-mails almost certainly have spoofed 'From' addresses and just about 
the only thing you can be sure of is that they don't come from where they say 
they do.  The addresses are harvested from websites and publicly viewable 
mailing list archives.

In addition to the ones from list members here, I also get lots that have been 
allegedly sent from my domain using unique contact e-mail addresses that I 
never use for sending e-mail, which are then bounced from the mail servers 
and 'returned'.

I understand that this could be solved if the ISPs used SMTP authorisation, to 
confirm the originating address but they seem reluctant to do so.

In the mean time there's little that can be done about it.


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